Is buying in NYC a good investment?

Is buying in NYC a good investment

New York City, a concrete jungle where dreams are made of… and real estate prices can make your head spin. Whether you’re a young professional aiming to put down roots or a seasoned investor looking to diversify your portfolio, the question of “Is buying in NYC a good investment?” is a perennial one. In 2024, […]

Fair NYC Housing Market Prices, New Trends & Forecast for 2024

The NYC housing market price has always been a rollercoaster ride, and 2024 is no exception.  While the breakneck pace of price increases seen in recent years has slowed, navigating the current market requires understanding key trends & forecast for 2024.  This blog dives into the current state of NYC’s housing market, exploring prices, trends […]

Is now a good time to buy real estate in Miami?

Is now a good time to buy real estate in Miami

p>Is the Miami home market still a wise investment for 2022, despite the market being extraordinarily favourable for investors in 2021? The response is a resounding “Yes!” according to the most current information from various statistics. Miami, Florida, undoubtedly has one of the most competitive real estate markets in the nation, and for good reason. […]