Seven ways to improve your mortgage business in 2023

Seven ways to improve your mortgage business in 2023

As a mortgage lender, you are constantly searching for fresh approaches to boost output, produce new leads, and enhance the effectiveness and success of your company. Fortunately, you and your team of loan officers may achieve those targets in 2023 if you have the correct equipment and attitude.

This article discusses seven crucial techniques to improve your mortgage business in 2023.

Networking with other agents 

Spend some time networking with other agents to find out about some of the best practises being used in the field. Meet for coffee once a month to discuss the most recent developments in the mortgage sector or your preferred tools and advice.

Follow up with both present and past clients

Consumers primarily rely on reviews from previous customers when deciding who to do business with, whether it be through internet customer reviews or more conventional word-of-mouth. This is also true of the mortgage sector, as evidenced by the Group Consumer Housing Trends Report, which found that 52% of purchasers initially discovered their lender through a referral. Making sure to follow up with both present and former borrowers to demonstrate your concern is one action you can do to ensure you are leaving a good impression on folks you do business with. This can significantly raise your chances of receiving consumer recommendations.

Use modern technology

Technology is constantly evolving, so it’s critical to know what’s new and how it might benefit you. For instance, if a consumer has the luxury of looking for homes as well as loans, they are more likely to engage with you.

Companies like Rubyporch  make it simple to carry out this type of integration. It is both affordable and valuable.

Publish Testimonials 

Ask your previous customers if they were satisfied with the mortgage service you offered. Request a written or recorded testimonial from them so you can have a video testimonial. These can be fantastic marketing instruments that support the creation of new content for your website.

Initiate a newsletter

You can also produce a monthly or quarterly newsletter to show off your knowledge of mortgages to your clients by updating them on company news and industry developments, in addition to targeted email campaigns. Consider what information readers are likely to transmit to friends and family. If your subscribers are doing this with your newsletter, you’re likely to see an increase in website traffic.

Utilize your online presence

One of the simplest methods to reach potential borrowers and make your business, website, and workers visible is through social media. When customers have inquiries about a brand’s products, they want to be able to tag or send a quick message to that brand. You have more opportunities to interact with potential borrowers thanks to social media, which also gives you a platform to announce new products, companies, and industry developments.

The other is that Search engine optimization (SEO) can make you more accessible to online home shoppers, and many companies invest a lot of effort and money into raising their position in search results. Every keyword, title, page description, and piece of content on your website needs to be optimised to provide you with a competitive edge. This will put your site in front of more potential borrowers and drive more traffic to it.

Offering your vast knowledge on mortgages in the form of a blog is another strategy to promote return visits to your website. A well-written blog that is frequently updated can help you start a conversation with potential borrowers and give you the chance to listen, offer your opinion, and build a relationship.

Set regular, attainable objectives.

Setting realistic yet demanding company goals can be a good motivator.


There are numerous short-term and long-term strategies for expanding your company. You can improve your mortgage business in 2023  by including these processes in your current workflow.

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